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About Us

Aggrego Oncology

Aggregating high-quality news on the go, just for you.

Aggrego Oncology is a digital news aggregator that brings relevant, reliable oncology news directly to you based upon your preferences.

In line with how you access mainstream news and information today, Aggrego Oncology allows you to easily consume curated, high-quality oncology and healthcare news through one platform. No longer do you have to scour multiple sites for oncology information of interest or wonder whether the source is credible. Our editors are hand-picking our publication partners – ensuring that the content you receive is highly credible, and highly relevant – saving you time and giving you confidence in the reliability of the information.

To customize your Aggrego experience, create an account and adjust your preferences to follow specialty topics of interest, and make sure you never miss important updates you need for your practice.

You can also view our daily curated Newsletter to quickly catch up on the top stories of the day.


About Our Publisher

HMP Global is the force behind Healthcare Made Practical—and is a multichannel leader in healthcare events and education, with a mission to improve patient care. The company produces accredited medical education events and clinically relevant, evidence-based content for the global healthcare community across a range of therapeutic areas. For more information, visit hmpglobal.com.


Publishing Staff

Executive Editorial Director
Kara Rosania

Senior Digital Managing Editor
Hina M. Porcelli

Editorial Assistant
Amber Denham

Executive Vice President, Group Publisher
David DePinho

Senior Vice President, Sales
Jeff Hennessy, Jr.

Bill Norton

Creative Director
Vic Geanopoulos

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Hennessy

Senior Vice President, Finance
Greg Salter

Executive Vice President, Operations
Anthony Mancini

Meredith Cymbor-Jones

Vice President, Marketing & PR
Kelly McCurdy

Director, eMedia and IT
Tim Shaw

Senior Manager, IT
Michael Mastrocola

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