Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy

COVID-19-Positive Cancer Patients Undergoing Active Anticancer Treatment

This study aims to describe the clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 whilst on anticancer treatment in a developing country.

New Study Confirms Pandemic's Harmful Effects on Cancer Care

A new study shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in major declines in cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment of American seniors and Medicare beneficiaries in 2020.

Oncology Times - Latest Articles

EMA Panel Endorses Approval of Five New Cancer Drugs

The drug review panel for the European Medicines Agency has endorsed the approval of several cancer therapies.

Primary care healthcare policy implementation in the Eastern Mediterranean region

This paper describes and analyses the health systems of Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq to PHC.

European Journal of General Practice
Policy statement from the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA): Only medical contraindications should be accepted as a reason for not receiving all routine immunizations as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

SHEA endorses adhering to the recommendations by CDC and ACIP for immunizations of all children adults.

Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
Health literacy is an emerging strategic priority in national cancer control plans in the EU

A systematic review was performed to assess how health literacy is currently integrated into NCCPs within the European Union.

Risk stratified breast cancer screening: UK healthcare policy decision-making stakeholders’ views on a low-risk breast screening pathway

There is international interest in risk-stratification of breast screening programmes to allow women at higher risk benefit from more frequent and chemoprevention. 

BMC Cancer
Primary healthcare policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in the United States.

The US has a complex healthcare system with a mix of public, private, nonprofit, and for-profit insurers, healthcare institutions and organizations, and providers.

Pharmacy Practice (internet)
The Influence of Professional Subculture on Information Security Policy Violations: A Field Study in a Healthcare Context

The Influence of Professional Subculture on Information Security Policy Violations: A Field Study in a Healthcare Context...

Information Systems Research
Epigenetic Consequences of Adversity and Intervention Throughout the Lifespan: Implications for Public Policy and Healthcare

Behavioral epigenetics posits that both nature and nurture must be considered when determining the etiology of behavior or disease.

Adversity and Resilience Science
Covid-19 pandemic and pediatric healthcare policy in Italy: time for a change

2019 The outbreak of coronavirus disease pandemic forced the Italian Government to act extreme measures that put entire country under lockdown.

Pediatric Reports
Learning from complaints in healthcare: a realist review of academic literature, policy evidence and front-line insights

10 12 13 74 Introduction A global rise in patient complaints has been accompanied by growing research to effectively analyse for safer, more patient-centric care.

BMJ Quality &amp
Infrastructuring as an Occasion for Resistance: Organized Resistance to Policy-Driven Information Infrastructure Development in the U.S. Healthcare Industry

Various industries are developing information infrastructures to improve the efficiency and quality of work.

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
Health is a political choice: why conduct healthcare research? Value, importance and outcomes to policy makers.

This paper offers the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) viewpoint with Qatar as a case for lasting transformation of health systems.

Life Sciences, Society and Policy
Scalable and secure access control policy for healthcare system using blockchain and enhanced Bell–LaPadula model

Access control is a policy in data security that controls access to resources. The current mechanisms are facing many problems, due the interference of third-party, privacy, and data.

Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing
Effect of a free healthcare policy on health services utilisation for non-malarial febrile illness by children under five years in Burkina Faso: an interrupted time series analysis.

2015 Objective To assess the effect of a free healthcare policy for children under five years old implemented in Burkina Faso since April 2016, on use non-malarial febrile illnesses (NMFI).

Tropical Medicine &amp
Providing care for the 99.9% during the COVID-19 pandemic: How ethics, equity, epidemiology, and cost per QALY inform healthcare policy.

2019 Managing healthcare in the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) era should be guided by ethics, epidemiology, equity, and economics, not emotion. Ethical policies ensure equitable access ......

Healthcare Management Forum
SARS-CoV-2 infection in healthcare personnel with high-risk occupational exposure: evaluation of seven-day exclusion from work policy.

7 13 14 66 765 1031 1599 2019 3398 Background Starting in late February 2020, Greece is experiencing a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic.

Clinical Infectious Diseases
A Maturity Matrix for Nurse Leaders to Facilitate and Benchmark Progress in Genomic Healthcare Policy, Infrastructure, Education, and Delivery

17 19 55 PURPOSE Nurse leaders driving strategic integration of genomics across nursing need tools and resources to evaluate their environment, guide strategies address deficits, benchmark progress

Journal of Nursing Scholarship
Healthcare and Welfare Policy Efficiency in 34 Developing Countries in Asia.

34 The healthcare and welfare policies of nations, as well the amount investments put into these areas, vary across countries.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Access of Stroke Patients' to Optimal Healthcare Technology in Greece: Messages to Policy Makers.

313 The aim of this study was to evaluate accessibility stroke patients optimal healthcare technology in Greece.

Studies in health technology and informatics
Ontology-Guided Policy Information Extraction for Healthcare Fraud Detection.

Financial losses in Medicaid, from Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA), the United States are estimated to be tens of billions dollars each year.

medical informatics europe
Effectiveness of Web Accessibility Policy Implementation in Online Healthcare Information.

UN have recommended the adoption of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 from W3C to guarantee that web content is more accessible everyone.

medical informatics europe
Employment effects of healthcare policy: Evidence from the 2007 FDA black box warning on antidepressants.

2007 Public policies aimed at improving health may have indirect effects on outcomes such as education and employment.

Journal of Health Economics

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