ASCO 2021: Updates in Prostate Cancer

ASCO 2021: Updates in Prostate Cancer

Bone-Protecting Agents Reduce Fractures Associated With Treatment in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Bone-protecting agents reduce the risk of bone fractures in patients with mCRPC who receive enzalutamide, with or without radium-223, according to results from a phase 3 trial.

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Abiraterone Plus ADT and Docetaxel: A New SOC for Metastatic Castration-Sensitive Prostate Cancer?

Adding abiraterone to the current standard of care prolongs rPFS compared with SOC alone in patients with mCSPC, according to results of the phase 3 PEACE-1 trial presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual

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FDA Approves Piflufolastat F-18 Injection, a PSMA PET Imaging Agent, for the Detection of Metastatic or Recurrent Prostate Cancer

The FDA approved piflufolastat F-18 injection, an F-18–labeled PSMA-targeted positron-emission tomography imaging agent, to identify suspected metastasis or recurrence of prostate cancer. 

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Novel PSMA-Targeted Radiotherapy Improves Radiographic Progression-Free and Overall Survival in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Lu-177–PSMA-617—an investigational radioligand therapy—significantly improves radiographic PFS and OS when added to standard of care compared with standard of care alone for men with mCRPC...

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Targeted Radiotherapy Offers New Treatment Option for Patients Previously Treated for Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

The investigational therapy 177Lu-PSMA-617 significantly improved radiographic PFS and OS when added to standard of care treatment in patients with metastatic CRPC vs standard care alone, according

Asco 2021 justifies Novartis’s radioligand Vision

177Lu-PSMA-617 shows impressive survival results in the Vision study, but early use will be key to fulfilling its potential.

ASCO 2021: Expert picks top GU cancer abstracts

Ahead of the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting, Michael S. Cookson, MD, co-editor in chief of Urology Times, shared his thoughts on the most pivotal abstracts in genitourinary cancer.

SWOG researchers to present practice-changing research at virtual ASCO 2021

Results from S1216 will be presented orally by study chair Neeraj Agarwal, MD.

Long-Term ERLEADA® (apalutamide) Patient-Reported Outcomes Data in Metastatic Castration-Sensitive Prostate Cancer Demonstrate Maintenance of Health-Related Quality of Life for Patients

RARITAN, N.J., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson today announced patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data from the pre-specified final analysis of the Phase 3 TITAN study in patients with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC). 

Increased PSA Screening Linked to Lower Risk of Advanced Prostate Cancer at Diagnosis and Death From the Disease in Younger African American Patients

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Younger African American men undergoing frequent prostate cancer screening appear to have both a lower risk of metastasis at the time of prostate cancer diagnosis and of fatal disease, according to data from an observational study to be presented at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.

The findings add weight to the importance of discussing the pros and cons of prostate cancer screening with patients to develop a tailored approach to prostate care.

Prostate Cancer Care and Research: What to Expect at ASCO 2021

Sessions will be available on demand beginning Friday, June 4 at 9 AM (ET), with the exception of the Highlights of the Day and broadcast sessions. Broadcast sessions will feature live Q&A with speakers. Please refer to the broadcast schedule for the date and time that these sessions will air.

Apalutamide in Metastatic Castration-Sensitive Prostate Cancer: Final Overall Survival Analysis of the TITAN Trial

The final OS analysis of the phase III TITAN trial shows significant benefit with apalutamide plus androgen-deprivation therapy vs placebo plus androgen-deprivation therapy in patients with mCSPC..

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