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Scientific Reports
Optimization of Training and Measurement Protocol for eNose Analysis of Urine Headspace Aimed at Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Scientists describe the approach aimed at improving the experimental protocol for eNose application for PCa diagnosis through exploring the effects of the portion of urine analysed...

Scientific Reports
Bioinformatic Identification of Genomic Instability-Associated lncRNAs Signatures for Improving the Clinical Outcome of Cervical Cancer by a Prognostic Model

Scientists use a computational model integrating lncRNA expression profiles and somatic mutation profiles in a tumor genome to better explore the dynamic mechanism of lncRNA signature...

Scientific Reports
TCTP Protein Degradation by Targeting mTORC1 and Signaling Through S6K, Akt, and Plk1 Sensitizes Lung Cancer Cells to DNA-Damaging Drugs

Researchers investigated the role of mTORC1 in regulating TCTP protein levels, thereby modulating chemosensitivity, in human lung cancer cells and an A549 lung cancer xenograft model. 

Scientific Reports
Gastric Cancer Stem Cells Survive in Stress Environments via Their Autophagy System

Scientists find cancer stem cells of GC might maintain their viability via the autophagy system, proving that autophagy inhibitors might be a promising therapeutic agent for GC.

Scientific Reports
Effects and Prognostic Values of miR-30c-5p Target Genes in Gastric Cancer via a Comprehensive Analysis Using Bioinformatics

Potential diagnostic and prognostic values of miR-30c-5p target genes in gastric cancer by using a filtration step analysis and integrated bioinformatics tools are explored.

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DLEU1 Promotes Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Progression by Activating Interferon-Stimulated Genes

Scientists find that DLEU1 exerts its oncogenic effects, at least in part, through activation of a series ISGs in OSCC cells.

Scientific Reports
Development of a New poly-ε-caprolactone With Low Melting Point for Creating a Thermoset Mask Used in Radiation Therapy

In radiotherapy for head and neck cancer, a patient-specific thermoplastic mask is created to improve the patient’s positional accuracy.

Scientific Reports
GNG7 and ADCY1 as Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Through Bioinformatic-Based Analyses

Researchers work to screen out the genes that have diagnostic and prognostic significance for PAAD through downloading the GSE55643 and GSE15471 mRNA expression profiles from the GEO database. 

Scientific Reports
Plasma Lipidomic Profiles of Kidney, Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients Differ From Healthy Controls

Lipidomic changes are investigated and visualized using various MDA tools, such as PCA, orthogonal projection to latent structures discriminant analysis, and ROC. 

Scientific Reports
Protein Co-Expression Network-Based Profiles Revealed from Laser-Microdissected Cancerous Cells of Lung Squamous-Cell Carcinomas

Unveiling disease-related protein networks by proteomic and bioinformatic assessment of laser-microdissected cancerous cells from seven SqCCs compared with eight representative lung adenocarcinomas

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