Frontiers in Oncology

Frontiers in Oncology
Radioresistance of Human Cancers: Clinical Implications of Genetic Expression Signatures

Scientists integrated and analyzed clinical information and mRNA-sequencing data from cancer patients that underwent radiotherapy to suggest clinical relevance of molecular characterization. 

Frontiers in Oncology
Comprehensive Analysis of IGFBPs as Biomarkers in Gastric Cancer

This study aimed to explore IGFBPs and their prognostic value as markers in gastric cancer.

Frontiers in Oncology
Integration Analysis of m6A Related Genes in Skin Cutaneous Melanoma and the Biological Function Research of the SPRR1B

Research provides a new view for the comprehensive action of m6A regulatory factors & for the first time finds SPRR1B can promote the proliferation, invasion & migration of melanoma cells <

Frontiers in Oncology
Knowledge-Based Planning for Robustly Optimized Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy of Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Doctors assess the performance of a proton-specific KBP model in the creation of robustly optimized IMPT plans for treatment of advanced head and neck cancer patients.

Frontiers in Oncology
Proteomics-Based Identification of Candidate Exosomal Glycoprotein Biomarkers and Their Value for Diagnosing Colorectal Cancer

Researchers screen for differences in glycoproteins associated with tumor-derived exosomes and validate their clinical value to serve as liquid biopsy biomarkers to diagnose early CRC.

Frontiers in Oncology
Inhibition of Bromodomain and Extra Terminal (BET) Domain Activity Modulates the IL-23R/IL-17 Axis and Suppresses Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Researchers work to show that BET inhibition by PLX51107 and PLX2853 represents a promising treatment strategy for acute GVHD.

Frontiers in Oncology
Artificial Intelligence Combined With Big Data to Predict Lymph Node Involvement in Prostate Cancer

Scientists use machine learning to create a more accurate preoperative prediction of LNI in PCa, which would improve clinical treatment and follow-up strategies of this disease.

Frontiers in Oncology
Runt-Related Transcription Factor 3 Promotes Acute Myeloid Leukemia Progression

RUNX3 was discovered as an oncogene overexpressed in AML cells, and Runx3 knockdown suppressed AML progression by inducing DNA damage and apoptosis.

Frontiers in Oncology
Higher TOX Genes Expression Is Associated With Poor Overall Survival for Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Research investigated the expression characteristics and prognostic value of the TOX genes and analyzed the correlation between TOX and IC genes in PB samples from AML patients.

Frontiers in Oncology
Habitat Imaging-Based 18F-FDG PET/CT Radiomics for the Preoperative Discrimination of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Benign Inflammatory Diseases

Scientists develop and evaluate habitat imaging-based 18F-FDG PET/CT radiomics models for discriminating NSCLC and BID, which helps medical physicists and radiologists better diagnose NSCLC...

Frontiers in Oncology
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