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Pembrolizumab Shows Continued PFS Benefit in MSI-H/dMMR Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Pembrolizumab demonstrates continued PFS benefit, with a trend for OS benefit, as first-line therapy for patients with MSI-H mCRC, compared with chemotherapy, in the final analysis of KEYNOTE-177.<

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As Novel Therapies for Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Emerge, Researchers Question the Value of Standard-of-Care Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

These findings, presented during the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting, call into question the advantages of the upfront ASCT approach in newly diagnosed MM.

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Addressing the Challenges in Care for Patients With Gynecologic Malignancies Across the Globe

Improving outcomes for women with gynecologic cancers worldwide will be the focus of the Education Session “Equality in Care for All Women: Addressing Disparities in Gynecologic Malignancies” durin

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Education Session Addresses Structural Racism and Social Inequities in Cancer Care

Researchers, policy makers, and concerned citizens have become progressively vocal regarding their role in eliminating these disparities, particularly in regard to those also related to cancer care

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Education Session Navigates Strategies in Finding the Right Dose, From Phase I Trials to Clinical Practice

This education session from the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting will include presentations discussing how to find the right treatment dose, from phase I clinical trials to real-world prescribing.

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Ready or Not: Oncology Adapts to Telehealth

The Education Session will provide attendees examples of how telehealth methods of cancer care delivery can be done well, adapt to diverse populations, and benefit patients and their families.

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Education Session Teaches Strategies for Greater Diversity in Clinical Trial Populations

Diversity in clinical trials is important for a variety of reasons, explains Dr Martin Gutierrez of John Theurer Cancer Center at Hackensack University Medical Center.

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With the Problem of Gender Diversity in Oncology Well Established, Education Session Focuses on Solutions

In 2017, for the first time, more women (50.7%) than men enrolled in residency programs across the US.

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